Should I try that?… I’ll let you know!

In all honesty, how did the internet function without Pinterest for so long? I can remember life without it, of course, like I can remember life without cell phones, Facebook, & every other social media platform ever. But, really, it is a life-saver, & also, a time-sucker; I swear, if I deleted the Pinterest app, I would get so much done…

But let’s not make any rash decisions. While I would love to see how *productive* I could be without the internet, everyone who knows me knows that I would just start reading a book or find another way to put things off. I’m a master procrastinator & while I do admit it, I also admit that I DO love a good craft. The gratification you feel when you complete a project is one that everyone should experience, at least once in a lifetime. I wouldn’t necessarily rank it up there with traveling out of your own country or having a baby, but it’s pretty dang exciting.

Since I’m not one (hashtag)blessed with patience, my do it yourself, or Do It Your Dang Self (DIYDS), projects have been few & far between. I’m all about that instant gratification & more into shopping for the craft supplies. Follow along & see what I actually get done, & let me know what you think I should try!




Published by MzRikeTries

Dreamer attempting to document life's adventures & learn along the way. I'll try new things & let you know how it goes. : )

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