If my sophomore English class from three years ago told me I’d end up embracing the #hashtag in my own classroom, let alone my day-to-day life, I would’ve laughed at them loudly & uncontrollably. Oh wait, that DID happen…  They have since gone on, grown, & graduated, & one could say I’ve done the same.

No longer do I call that ubiquitous symbol from my youth a “pound sign,” much to the chagrin of my husband & others who have yet to cross over into the modern world. But times are a-changing, & so must I.

Since that time, I’ve had a baby & had the opportunity to teach seniors, sophomores, & seventh graders ELAR. To say that I’ve grown is an understatement. I’ve grown into a hoarder, a crafter, a DIY-er, a what-if-er; one could say I’ve become insane… & there is this feeling I can’t shake that everything could be better, if only organized and simplified.

Thus begins this blog; my foray into that “simplified life,” where simple doesn’t always mean easy, so I’ll try my best. I’ll try new things and save others from horrific craft catastrophes, cooking mishaps, teaching trials, & parental puck-ups. [*Disclaimer: 1)My husband plays hockey 2) I will NEVER pass up a ridiculous pun.]

I’ve tried soooo many different things over the years, from recipes to crafts, outfits, & classroom hacks, & learned endless amounts of lessons through it all.  Though I AM STILL TRYING to figure it all out, I hope someone finds this & knows they are not alone in the struggle.  EVERYONE tries, & this is an honest look at my honest effort. Hashtags & all.



Published by MzRikeTries

Dreamer attempting to document life's adventures & learn along the way. I'll try new things & let you know how it goes. : )

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