After many years of shopping for & hoarding craft supplies, I feel like I’m ready to finally take the plunge into putting up or shutting up – when it comes to DIY projects, of course. And so begins the “Do It Yo’ Dang Self” section of my blog.

With so many resources at our fingertips, it’s hard to stop imagining how we’d like to improve our surroundings.  If this weren’t the case, many online presences wouldn’t exist, like this one. Some bloggers have wonderfully supportive & photographically gifted husbands/partners to document their journeys.  Be warned: I DO NOT. And, might I mention, I’m pretty terrible at taking photos as well…Cross your fingers I get better!

This year, there are many projects to be completed & documented, whether good or bad. There is a new year to prepare for, my daughter is turning 3 soon, & let’s not forget the craft stores are constantly reminding us that summer is over and holiday season is fast approaching.  So let’s see where this Do It Your Dang Self hashtag takes us, & tell me what you’d like me to try!  #DIYDS


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