Back in crafting action!

Holy cow! I cannot believe it’s been over four months since I’ve sat down and written something. Life & depression can hit you like a ton of bricks. So much has happened but I’ll stick to the good stuff. That’s the best kind, anyway.

We recently celebrated my cousin’s little girl’s 4th birthday, which means my little munchkin will be four in a few months. Where has the time gone?! Miss Emmie likes to play “teacher,” which is awesome, since our family is pretty much nothing but teachers. My cousins & I used to play “secretary” & “restaurant” when we were younger & spending time at our grandmother’s house, so I know how important it is to have the right tools for the *pretend* job. (We had our Fisher Price cash register, zippered bank bags, & tons of memo pads. I actually still have our cash register.)

Since Miss Emmie enjoys being a teacher, I decided to put together a “Teacher Starter Kit” with everything she needs to play teacher. I put my Cricut to use & with a quick trip to the Dollar Tree & Target (for only 2 things!), I started assembling her kit.

While at the Dollar Tree, I picked up a composition notebook, some pencils, markers, sticky notes, stickers, an activity book, elastic hair bands, and a plastic storage bin. At Target, I picked up a Peppa Pig birthday dvd and Peppa Pig Band-Aids (My students always need bandages & hair ties for some reason). A few weeks ago I picked up some plain t-shirts from Walmart to make my daughter some custom shirts, & thankfully they both wear the same size, so I made her a “teacher tee” as well.  I created a Teacher Starter Kit checklist to go with the supplies to explain all the items.


The first thing I made was her t-shirt. My cousin & Miss Emmie are into llamas lately, so I decided to make her a llama themed tee. Thank goodness for my Cricut and my Cricut Easy Press! It has been so easy to make shirts & other items since I purchased the Easy Press. (I am in NO WAY being paid to say this!)

Once I decided on a pre-made design (I’m not that crafty), I just cut it out on the Cricut, positioned it on the shirt, & used the Easy Press to iron it on. I let it cool a bit & peeled off the transfer sheet. BAM!! The tee was done! : )


You can’t really tell by my terrible lighting & picture, but the shirt is mint green, so it was cuter in person. ; )

The next thing I tackled was the customized composition book, once again, using my Cricut. I’ve been collecting rolls & rolls of vinyl & HTV (heat transfer vinyl) over the last couple of years, so I had quite a bit to choose from. My strength is shopping for supplies, not using them. : )

First, I covered the lettering with holographic vinyl & then covered that with her name. Then I just cut out simple images and transferred them onto the notebook. It was so easy & fun, let’s just say when my daughter goes to kindergarten, EVERYTHING will be customized.   😀


The only other item I decided to customize was the plastic storage bin. This was my favorite item to decorate because I tried to personalize it with a few images. Miss Emmie’s nickname is “Bumblebee” & so I included one (of course).

I was running low on time (not a new thing for me since I’m a professional procrastinator), so I didn’t snap pictures of the final product, but I simply put silver crinkle paper in the bottom of the bin, layered the items from biggest to smallest from back to front, wrapped the bin in cellophane, &tied it up with some gold ribbon to close it. Then, I glued the checklist to the backside (so I didn’t obstruct the view of the goodies) & put a butterfly balloon in the middle to finish it off. I loved the final product, but unfortunately I only have a visual of it in a video of Miss Emmie opening it. For safety & privacy reasons, that one will stay in the family. Next time, I’ll be better at taking pictures of the completed project! Pinkie swear!!

This gift was a fun project & a gift that can’t be bought in stores, which is why I wanted her to have something special. The entire gift took me a few hours to customize & I’m even going to make one for my daughter because I enjoyed the project so much. Let me know what you think & if you have any questions!

Happy crafting! : ) Let me see what you do!



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