Plastic Storage “Plastic Surgery” Part 1

“The time has come,” the husband said, “to pack up all your things. Your dictionaries, grammar games, flowers, ribbon, & strings.” No, he’s not kicking me out, exactly. He’s kicking out my nest of teaching & crafting supplies that has grown like a tumor & is ready for removal from our overtaken dining room.

But this wouldn’t be a crafting post without a little spray paint & glitter. Okay, not glitter. At least not right now, anyway.

It’s like a sleep-shop situation for me. When I get to the craft store, I enter this sleepwalking state & begin to fill my cart with miscellaneous supplies for any & every craft idea floating around in my head for the last few weeks or months. After I get home & unload my supplies, I wake up & am so overwhelmed with what I have & wonder why in the world anyone left me alone on a Saturday & allowed me to craft-store shop without supervision.

Coming from a family of teachers, one is never in short supply of the ever-present plastic three-drawer storage option. The original blue frame wasn’t cutting it for me, & so I felt the need to *craft* instead of actually moving my stuff out of my dining room. And so the plastic storage makeover procraftination project began.

In the spirit of, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without,” I took a look at all my cans of spray paint & odds & ends scattered around the surfaces of the craft house & found some black spray paint & a few handles. I’d tried to fix up plastic storage pieces before with various types of paper & not much luck in the outcome. For this, I figured spray paint was pretty foolproof.

First, I took a wet paper towel & wiped down the entire frame & all the drawers. West Texas is not in short supply of dust, so this was a bit of a tedious task. After cleaning the frame & letting it dry, I did a few passes of spray paint, making sure to paint in light layers so it wouldn’t get gummy.

It was a beautiful day outside so I let the frame dry outside on the table & checked for any missed or light spots. Once I saw the frame was ready, it was time to decide what to do about the drawers. Should I leave them clear? Should I paint them as well? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Ultimately, I decided to go with more spray paint, because hey, I didn’t mess it up the first time! But now the question was, what color to paint the drawers? What colors did I even have left after my farmhouse frames? The afternoon was coming to a close & daycare pick-up was pending, so I took a break to ponder my color options. Check back later to see how the storage stand shook out!

IMG_6238 (4)






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