Chicken Fajitas

Being born & raised in Texas means you love Mexican food, & if you don’t, you aren’t really Texan; very few exceptions accepted. You can drive across the span of three states here & still be able to round up a herd of people who love to chow down on fajitas.

Fajitas are not a family tradition, unless you count three generations all going out to a select few local restaurants to indulge in the more authentic meals. When I try to recreate the meals at home, I’m only reminded of how Southern our family recipe book is & the need to revamp it with our new favorites.

One thing I’m not ashamed to admit is that I haven’t attempted to make any kind of tortilla & fortunately, our favorite flour tortillas are sold at a restaurant just a few blocks away. Also, avocados aren’t always the most reliable item in our local produce section; we’ve seen them last for a few days to a few hours, depending on the season & the vendor. I’ve discovered a prepackaged “guacamole cup” with minimal additional ingredients, & I love to eat it spread across an English muffin for breakfast in the mornings. With these two ready-to-go ingredients, I’m always ready to make these chicken fajitas.

Hardly a day goes by that assorted shredded cheeses, chicken, bell peppers & other peppers, onions & garlic don’t stock my fridge and pantry. These are my ESSENTIALS.  And really, if you don’t have onions & garlic, do you really have a meal…?

I’m sure you do, but I don’t believe I do. ; )

The first thing you should do for these fajitas, whether you’re making your ingredients from scratch like a boss, or buying them like a busy boss who doesn’t like (or know how) to cook, is take the guacamole & spread it down the center of the flour tortilla, & then as much grilled chicken as you like.


Top the chicken slices with a mixture of sauteed red & green bell peppers, jalepenos (optional), onions, mushrooms, & garlic. To make this, first add the onions & peppers to the pan, shortly followed by the mushrooms & garlic, as well as the squeeze of half a lime. After a few minutes of coming together at a low temp, take the sauteed veggie mixture & put as much as desired on top of the chicken. (Mine were more veggie heavy than the hub’s, but I promise, there is chicken under there!)

The only thing left to do is top your fajitas with a cheese of your choice, or not! My hubs goes sans cheese, because he’s insane, but I had a hankering to try queso fresco, so when I spotted it on the grocery store endcap earlier this week, I made an impulse buy. I rough chopped the soft, mild, buttery cheese & sprinkled it over my fajitas with a few sprigs of fresh cilantro & a squeeze of lime.

These hit the spot & I wish I had made extra veggies, but I do have extra Queso Fresco, which I’m about to munch on after this post. Let me know what you think & what you would change!


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